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Admin Guide  Unable to login as admin after moving filestore

Question asked by alexr on Aug 8, 2006
Latest reply on Aug 14, 2006 by ovanekem
I followed chapter 2 of the administration guide on a Alfresco 1.3.1 installation on how to move a filestore to a different location on a Windows/Tomcat installation (e.g. C:\alf_data instead of the alf_data that is located within the alfresco folderpath of the default installation). Prior to making the changes to the correct file (changing + removing the .sample extension) I stopped the Alfresco services. After I saved the changes I restarted the Alfresco services.
So far so good.

However as soon as I am presented with the Alfresco login page and try to login with my original 'admin' account it won't work.

Again I followed exactly the instructions of the Administration guide. I didn't make a custom folder outside the extend path so I did the simplest change proposed in chapter 2. Otherwise I would have had to change more configuration files.

Can anybody explain what's wrong and how to remedy this.

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