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Looking for an Alfresco Project?

Question asked by rdanner on Aug 9, 2006
Latest reply on Aug 18, 2006 by rdanner
I am spending my days with Liferay Portal Community lately.  I dont get over here to the alfresco forums nearly as much  :(

The vitality of the community is a key component of the vitality of Alfresco and other open source projects.  The community is our ecosystem and its where we learn what todays customers are doing and what tomorrows customers want. 

Ok.. so blah blah community.. where am I going with this liferay and community crap.. ok I'll cut to the chase.

Since I am working with Liferay and Alfresco (and other communities) I am always looking to merge the communities.  I think I have an idea and you can all check me on it, barbs and all.. here goes…

Alfresco uses MediaWiki.  It is pretty good.  BUT Alfresco as part of its infrastructure business needs to show that its repository can be the backend of all kinds of applications.

Liferay doesnt have a wiki yet.   They say its on its way.  Liferay uses Liferay forums, and so I would bet they will use Liferay Wiki.

Sooo whats wrong with this picuture?
I guess its OK but lets pretend:

Why dont we go ahead and build a kick ass wiki on top of Alfesco.  Alfresco is going to be the best platform for a wiki on the planet with all of its powerful backend features. The most interesting feature….  repository federation.  Yep We could start a big federated wiki or federate parts of wikis.  Partners like liferay and Alfresco could share common pages.  

Why is this a win for everyone?  Simple.  Alfresco shows off its power.  Liferay shows off its ability to leverage something that isnt built by them (to be a great portal…. thats what you need to do.)  And the community wins on all kinds of levels.  In addition we would be looking for community cross pollination.

Same deal with forums. 

Anyway… if you are looking for a project to get in and learn Alfresco I think this is something you should consider.  I would be all over it but I am already out of time.

Any thoughts?