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Inspirations for WCM?

Question asked by marcus on Aug 10, 2006
Latest reply on Aug 11, 2006 by jcox
My background is largely PHP, but I recently took a job with a predominantly Java based company, who are slowly adopting Alfresco as their tool of choice. The majority of web content management work that I've done previously has been with MySource Matrix, which I found to be quite powerful and despite its flaws in some areas, in others it was far more advanced than many other wcms I've played with. Like most PHP people, I've also dabbled in Mambo/Jango, Textpattern, Wordpress and roll-my-own CMSes.

What little I've seen of Alfresco so far has impressed me, but it seems very document-centric, so now I'm trying to visualise how the WCM side of it will be put together. What WCMSes does Alfresco's WCM take ideas from, both at the technical architecture level, and from an end user's interaction perspective in the various roles (ie site builder/implementor, graphical/html designer, site administrator, content author)? I'm trying to build a mental picture of what it will be like to interact with the WCM side of Alfresco, and what kind of knowledge the different roles will need to interact with the system.

I guess there's a few 'site-builder' type questions I have, which I'll slowly add here as I think of them over time. I'm sure some of them have been answered in other places, but my Java lingo is way out of date and I've found since getting my feet back into Java that I miss the meaning of some things due to that ;). And, some of them may not be answerable just yet, so if there is no answer, I guess I'll figure it out in time ;)

  • How will I go about creating a site wide template that I apply to all pages/content items in a specific tree?

  • How will I generate lists of items on pages? For example, I want to have a page that is a table of contents, or I want to have a sidebar item that is a list of latest news posts to appear on all pages across a site.

  • How do I configure a page to allow content submission by the general public, and have it placed in certain spaces depending on that I specify?

  • How do I allow public users to register an account on the site?

  • The typical question asked about WCMs… How do I build an image gallery?