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How to configure LDAP to search for user?

Question asked by alfresco-user123 on Aug 10, 2006
Latest reply on Aug 14, 2006 by andy
I'm trying to configure Alfresco to use LDAP to authenticate users. Currently, I can get it to authenticate, using the manager's credentials if I specify the complete ldap path (ex. cn=Manager,dc=company,dc=com)  to the manager's credentials as the user name. With any other user name, it just tries to bind whatever I type in as a username which will never work. And I know this because that is what I see in  my OpenLDAP logs.

How do I get it to search LDAP tree with the manager's credentials for the specified username?

I'm currently using:
Alfresco 1.3 on Windows 2003
OpenLDAP for authentication