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LifeRay 4.1 & Alfresco 1.3

Question asked by kmunro on Aug 12, 2006
Latest reply on Aug 14, 2006 by kevinr
Am trying to get Alfresco 1.3 & Liferay 4.1 to co-exist on JBoss/Tomcat.  When using the myface files supplied with Liferay, Alfresco fails to start (as well documented elsewhere) When I use your modified myface files, Liferay fails to start with a claff not found error.  I'm guessing Liferay 4.1 is using a latter version of myface and is trying to use a new class though I haven't confirmed this.

Any suggestions on how to fix this?  Do you have a version of your modified myface files that will keep both you & liferay happy?

Many thanks,