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Document upload problem thru Webservice!

Question asked by manmeet on Aug 14, 2006
Latest reply on Aug 24, 2006 by cludt
While executing the Webservice sample to upload a document into Alfresco I came across this anomaly. I am executing the The document gets uploaded correctly without any problem, but the hitch I see is when I view the document details through the Alfresco Node Browser under the Administration Console.

Under the Children Table the Child name column is as below:

Child Name
{}cm:Web Services sample (1155567229590)

If you notice the red marked entry then we see that the cm tag  is not mapped to the complete namespace. What is the solution to this?
Is there something wrong with the client or is there a problem with the webserviceclient.jar archive?

Please let me know. Any help in this regard shall be appreciated.