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trouble with alfresco + cas

Question asked by sean on Aug 15, 2006
Latest reply on Oct 5, 2007 by bjorn_r
hi folks,

i've been tasked with evaluating alfresco for my company.  it seems like a really cool product.  after playing around with the default install for a bit and r'ing tfm's, i've attempted unsuccessfully to get SSO via CAS working.

first i tried to use the acegi hooks in the authentication context file but couldn't seem to get things working via that route.  things were further complicated by the bundled version of acegi being outdated wrt the latest upstream version (and hence the documentation i had was not fully accurate).  furthermore, the latest version has a different namespace (org.acegisecurity instead of under net.sf), with some subtle yet non-backwards-compatible API changes.

i'm now trying to authenticate via CAS directly, by replacing the authentication filter in web.xml.  i've had more success with this route, though not much.  now when i request /alfresco, i'm sent to the cas login page, and after authenticating i'm sent back to alfresco (so far so good), but then alfresco sends me a 302 header sending me back to cas, which thinks there's nothing wrong and 302's me back to alfresco, etc etc.

i saw a similar problem in the forums that was solved by recompiling alfresco with a different name for ARG_TICKET in, which i've tried without success.

does anyone have an idea of what else could be a problem?  any help would be greatly appreciated!