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Version properties / versioning properties

Question asked by cludt on Aug 16, 2006

when I apply the "Versionable" aspect to an item, I am able to add a description during each update. But why can't I change this description any more? Or haven't I just figuered out how?
There are two reasons why this should be enabled:
  1. spelling mistake

  2. information not yet available
Ad 2: To clarify this issue, assume you have a price list and want to keep the expiration date. I.e. the expiration date is only known, when the next version of the price list is checked in.
I think, this is already mentioned in JIRA AWC-740.

And / or (I'd prefer "and") is it possible, to allow versioning of properties? As, up to now, it's not possible to keep track of e.g. the author. Version 1 may be created by X, version 2 by Y. I guess, this issue is more difficult to solve than the former one. But I am really looking forward to have this solved :)