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WebDAV and Staroffice Openoffice master document

Question asked by oduffey on Aug 17, 2006
I use Alfresco, WebDAV and StarOffice on Solaris, and have the following problem:

Documents that are linked in a master document created on a Alfresco/WebDAV server are not visible.
We create a master document (Writer) in StarOffice8 on a WebDAV server (Alfresco).
We add to this master document 3 links (for example) using the navigator dialog (button with green cross).
Once the files are added, the content of these documents are not visible in the master document. Updating the links (Edit menu -> Links -> Update) has also no effect on the master document.

This problem does not occur on a "standard" file system
This problem does not occur on a "public" WebDav server (Ex:
The problem occurs only on the Alfresco/WebDav server.

Has anybody an idea about the problem?