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File-servers.xml isn't XML and that causes problems?

Question asked by hesadanza on Aug 18, 2006
Latest reply on Aug 21, 2006 by rivetlogic
I've noticed when configuring the custom file-servers-custom.xml file that this file (and it's real twin file-servers.xml) aren't formatted correctly as XML files.  There is no XML header at the beginning of the file.  Anyone know why this is?

I think this might also be affecting trying to import a custom configurated file-servers-custom.xml file.  For some reason when this file is added to the application-context.xml file or renamed to file-servers-custom-context.xml (so that it will import along with all other *-context.xml files), it causes the Alfresco server initialization to really go berserk, listing a million different initialization strings and errors and results in a corrupted initialization where the Alfresco server cannot be accessed.  Does anyone know how to correctly import a custom file-servers-custom.xml file or should I just reconfigure the core file-servers.xml file (which is not recommended)?