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Small request about PropertyDefinition interface

Question asked by jmliege on Aug 18, 2006
Latest reply on Aug 21, 2006 by jmliege

I'm currently fullfilling 'SelectItem' (in my jsp) upon my constraints model through back bean and by coding a function which returns a List<String>.

The idea is to directly provide list of valid values without having to maintain multiple times the same data through various XML config file, and then I'm currently loading values through the use of the Constraint Interface.

So here's my request :

would it be possible for you to overload the PropertyDefinition.getConstraints() function in order to specify a type of Constraint such as I would be able to write the following code ? :

List<ConstraintDefinition> getConstraints(ListOfValuesConstraint.class);
List<ConstraintDefinition> getConstraints(ListOfValuesConstraint.TYPE);
//where TYPE is a static final String…

Yes, i'm a bit lazy…  :)