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Are there chances to combine forces with Intalio BPMS?

Question asked by christianschuhegger on Aug 21, 2006
Latest reply on Aug 21, 2006 by davidc

I am looking around to find solutions to the problem on how to formalize business processes that involve human interaction. Most often this kind of interaction involves documents (e.g. Word, PDF) to be passed around but may also require that the user enters some data and follows a "workflow" or that automated steps are executed in the workflow.

I see that several of my requirements could be handled with something like Alfresco. Even with the features already available in version 1.3 and the simple workflow several scenarios could already be realized.

I also had a look at Intalio BPMS
and its open source components (the best page that lists all of them I found was):,com_simplefaq/task,answer/Itemid,54/catid,13/aid,14/

It would sound like a good idea to have the two projects combined, e.g. the BPEL4People part for the process specifications and the part that would allow a process designer to specify the information that a user has to enter via XForms to be integrated into Alfresco.

Just my five cents,