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Node reference questions

Question asked by doblek on Aug 21, 2006
Latest reply on Aug 23, 2006 by doblek
Hi all,

I've gave up turning Alfresco into a portlet for Jetspeed2 =/ Maybe I'm near, but I really don't know very well what I'm doing =/
So I've decided to use Alfresco as web application and merge it with the portal through a modified IFrame Portlet…

My intention is to use the WebServices API (or JavaServices API) and the NodeService API.

As far as I can understand, Alfresco (internally) uses node references to navigate through the different folders (or spaces). So when you create a new space, it can be recognized (and accessed) by a unique id, the node reference.

For example, I've created several spaces under the space "Guest Home" so I think I get this space structure:
Company Home [size=75]<workspace://SpacesStore/id1>[/size]
_> Guest Home [size=75]<workspace://SpacesStore/id2>[/size]
___>> Space1 [size=75]<workspace://SpacesStore/id3>[/size]
_________>>> Space11 [size=75]<workspace://SpacesStore/id4>[/size]
___>> Space2 [size=75]<workspace://SpacesStore/id5>[/size]

Though, after seeing the admin console to write this post, I'm not quite sure this is as I suggest. =/ It seems that the primary path is always "/" and the id number is the same for all the spaces… Maybe I'm wrong =/ Can anyone point me to the right direction?

Anyway, my question is:
can I navigate to any space/node (if I previously know its node reference) and show the spaces+contents in it (in a transparent process for the user)?
I mean, my intention is to provide the IFrame Portlet with the logic necessary to show that space (with its children spaces and their contents) whose node reference is provided in "preferences". Is it possible??

Thanks in advance,

PS: I don't know if I make myself clear… especially when my English isn't quite good… sorry