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Lifecycle Management with Alfresco

Question asked by mario_rieger on Aug 22, 2006
Latest reply on Aug 22, 2006 by paulhh
Dear All,

I became acquainted to Alfresco a couple of days ago and it seems to be an applicable tool to create a Records/Document Management System for a company.

To gain insight to the programme I have ordered the several guides about installation, administration and starting, which gives me a broad overview of the system.

But there are several questions unsolved! For this reason I beg you, to give me some answers to the following questions.

1. How can one reproduce the startegy of the Information Lifecycle Mangement?

2. Is there a possibility to distinguish active from inactive Documents? Is there may be a possibility to say, that documents (a) older than 60 days or (b) not used for around 30 days will become an inactive status!

3. How can I save the inactive documents on a inexpensive storage medium?

4. Is there a possibility to integrate a retention period to documents? What will happen, if the retention period is expired? Will the owner of the document will be informed? Is there a deletion of the documents practicable?

5. If documents are needed in case of litigation, is there a possibility to transfer all needed documents in a new file? Is there also a possibility to re-integrate the documents after litigation in the old structure?

It would be very kind, if you could answer my questions.

Thanks a lot and best wishes from Germany.

Mario Rieger