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Masking content areas

Question asked by dschmalz on Aug 23, 2006
Latest reply on Aug 30, 2006 by andy

I would like to know if anyone already considered to mask some "sensitive" areas in documents at rendering time, based on user rights. The rationale behind this, is that sometimes, users need to access a document and be allowed to edit parts of it, without, for instance, viewing some other information. This would apply, in a first stage, to properly formatted content (e.g. either well-formatted text or XML), but could be, at a later point, be applied to Word documents too.

I have been thinking of creating multiple documents, one for each part that could, potentially require a different user access control and use parent-child associations. This would however create a lot of documents, especially with high volumes of data.

Is there any suggested approach to implement this requirement with Alfresco ?