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Slow Performance - Versioning everything in the system?

Question asked by csiege on Aug 23, 2006
Latest reply on Aug 24, 2006 by csiege

I read the wiki note on how to set up the content model to automatically setup everything as versioning. (adding the versionable aspect as a mandatory aspect on cm:content)

Upon adding it and loading the system, I could see a gradual performance slow down on the ftp import speed.

I did some tests and see the following:

1 non versioned file results in
    1 Node table row and 6 Node_Properties table rows.

1 versioned file results in
     19 Node table rows and 33 Node_Properites rows.

The ftp seems to remain fast without versioning enabled by default.

Should I be concerned here?  Should we not proceed down the path of versioning everything?