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Single Sign On (SSO) in JBoss / Tomcat / JBoss Portal

Question asked by jfrench on Aug 25, 2006
Latest reply on Jul 29, 2010 by codeonjava
Alfresco gurus:

I'm trying to implement single sign on between JBoss Portal and Alfresco running as a portlet in the same tomcat servlet container (no cluster). I have Tomcat's SingleSignOn value operational and single sign on works between web applications that use container based authentication just fine. I have tried a few hacks to try and propagate the JBoss Portal authenticated user credentials to the Alfresco portlet, but I feel like I'm back to square one.

Can anyone be of service here? I have a good understanding of container based authentication, but only a moderate understanding of Acegi (but I'm reading more right now!).

JBoss Portal 1.2.1
Alfresco 1.3 community

Any help would be greatly appreciated!