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Alfresco SVN mirror request

Question asked by jesper on Aug 26, 2006
Latest reply on Sep 5, 2006 by derek

It is helpful that you expose a Subversion repository, but it appears that you use a mirroring solution and that you re-start the mirroring once in a while. So, the mirror gets a new repository UUID and the revision list is restarted.

That way, there is no access to history, nor is it possible to track the repository using the working copy – a fresh checkout is required every time you init the mirror.
Also, if you have a change sitting in the old repository, you have to bring it over into the new one, which is tiresome and error-prone (I'm working on adding functionality to the web client)

So my request is that you sync the mirror instead of init'ing it.

If you must restrict access to (the non Open Source parts of) the repository, consider using mod_svn_authz or using export + import using svndumpfilter instead, that way we can benefit from a linear Subversion repository history.