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Advice on empty documents

Question asked by peterwilson on Aug 29, 2006
Latest reply on Sep 20, 2006 by peterwilson

I am considering Alfresco for our company to use as a source for about 40 million documents, most of which are really indexes containing (max 10 peices of meta data of about 10 characters), for physical documents we have stored. Approx <1 million are scanned pdf's tiffs and some word documents. The documents are pretty evenly split over about 600 departments and access is restricted to each departments document set.

Would it be best to put a separate database to store the indexes, a more complex solution for us. Or should we put all the documents into Alfresco and where the document is a link to a physical document put in a empty document and only the meta data?

Any advice or experiences would be greatly appreciated.