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date property in custom aspects

Question asked by unknown-user on Aug 31, 2006
Latest reply on Aug 31, 2006 by unknown-user
We have some questions.

We have added a custom aspect, and ok. It works ok when we want to add in a folder. This aspect has a property which is type date.

In the space details, where you want to see the details and values of the new added aspect, the date is shown in the follow format:
Thu Aug 31 11:05:46 CEST 2006
And we want it to see in the format: 31 August 2006 11:05
How can we do that? Changing the format? We have inicialized the aspect with " new Date() ", so it takes the actual date.

And another think about this, is that when a user modifies that aspect, how can we make a validation? We would like to add there, instead of a simply box, do a combo box, or something to avoid to introduce Aug 40 because is not correct.

Need help, please!