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NodeRef syntax in JavaScript API

Question asked by simon on Sep 4, 2006
Latest reply on Sep 5, 2006 by simon
Hi Alfresco,

I'm trying to add categories to a document but started with a locale as this seems less complex to start with. Problem is I need to assign a nodeRef to the property but how should this nodeRef look like? In the node browser a nodeRef looks like workspace://SpacesStore/666345ce-1d81-11db-b398-13c0b9d26600 but it isn't accepted in my JavaScript. What am I doing wrong?

var folder = companyhome;
var copy = document.copy(folder);
if (copy != null)
{ = "new_";
   // Add the English category to the document
   var nodeRef = "workspace://SpacesStore/666345ce-1d81-11db-b398-13c0b9d26600";["cm:locale"] = nodeRef;;