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UIComponent problems with rendered and actionListener

Question asked by jmliege on Sep 5, 2006
Latest reply on Oct 15, 2010 by clementus

I'm currently modifying the browse jsp.

I want to list all nodes (content and folder) in one single UIRichList.

For this purpose i set some rendered tag in order to distinguish the rendering of folders, and the rendering of contents.

NB: I added my own NodePropertyResolver in order to get a new
nodeType value to test wether i have a node which is subclass of a folder (cm:folder) or not (cm:content).

<%– if folder, use this actionLink –%>
<a:actionLink id="col1-act2" value="#{}" actionListener="#{BrowseBean.clickSpace}" rendered="#{r.nodeType=='folder'}">
   <f:param name="id" value="#{}" />
<%– if not folder, use this actionLink –%>
<a:actionLink id="col9-act2" value="#{}" href="#{r.url}" target="new" rendered="#{r.nodeType == 'content'}" />
<r:lockIcon id="col9-lock" value="#{r.nodeRef}"   align="absmiddle" rendered="#{r.nodeType == 'content'}"/>

My problem is that once I set a rendered tag, the actionListener seems to not working. (I click, and nothing's happen…)

Can you help me on this topic.