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Defining Content Types using a web browser

Question asked by jlbarrera on Sep 7, 2006
Latest reply on Oct 16, 2006 by kvc

I read in "XML Content Authoring" secction of wiki ( that Alfresco ability for content publishers to create and modify structured assets (XML) using a web browser.

It is very interesting for me, and i have read in "Defining Content Types" secction of wiki ( that it is possible through a wizard will assist developers in registering new content types with Alfresco.

I have installed Alfresco 1.4 preview, and this is my question:

It`s possible definine new content types using a web browser in Alfresco 1.4 preview? It this is possible, How to i can make it?
If this is not possible, What Alfresco version implements this feature?

Thanks!!!! :-)