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Subscription and last additions

Question asked by mabayona on Sep 13, 2006
Latest reply on Sep 14, 2006 by janvg
Hi, i have tested the v1.4 preview and I am very impresed with the possibilities of the new dashboard functionality. As user of another DMS, I miss two features that I am used to and I think are very usefull:

1- Possibility of subscribing to documents and/or Spaces. This is a time saving feature that notifies the user of changes in documents and/or spaces in which the user is subscribed to. It would require to add a new panel to the Dashboards: My notifications and a new action in each space to allow the user subscribe/unsubscribe to the space/documents changes.

2- Last additions: another panel that lists the, say 10 last documents that were added to the sysrtems. Another very usefull feature that some DMS have.

Regards and keep the good job.