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Workflows that move content and copy space structure

Question asked by kkaragitz on Sep 13, 2006
Latest reply on Sep 20, 2006 by kkaragitz
I wish to create the following space structure with the following rules:
Versionable, Simple Workflow

What I need is when a new space is created under the Draft->Parent1 (for this example lets assume that it's Child1) that the same space is created under Published in the proper relative location.  I?m trying to configure Alfresco to be used as our portal's CMS.  We current use Documentum and have our content arranged so a user can promote content to Draft (Preview) and then to Published (Active) however they are not required to manually duplicate the folder structure under published this is done through the workflow process automatically.. I need to either duplicate or emulate this functionality with Alfresco.  Any input is appreciated.