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A few remarks after a few hours of evaluation

Question asked by miggy4340 on Sep 13, 2006
Latest reply on Sep 16, 2006 by paulhh

I've been playing a little with Alfresco, and I think it could be a terrific product for one of our project.

I just wanted to report a few things that I think could be improved for end users.

1. In the select template combobox, I think that it should be more natural to give the description of the template,
(or a short description) instead of the name of the template.

"Displays useful information about the current document" instead of doc_info.ftl
"Displays a list of the documents in the current user Home Space. Text document content is shown inline, as is JPG content as small thumbnail images."
instead of my_docs_inline.ftl

What do you think about it.

Can it easily be changed or configured for a particular instance.

2. In the default setup, every users have access to data dictionary space and can add or delete documents
as they wish.

Should a more strict setup where they can only read the space
(If you cannot re&ad the templates then no template is shown) be proposed by default.

3. When I had content, alfresco can detect the type of the content, text, word, pdf.
What is the purpose of letting the user change that after loading.
In the properties, the user can change the content from pdf to autocad drawing for example but
acrobat reader will open anyway when editing the file.

These a not critics, but some positive remarks about a product that really looks nice.