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Tools do no export content

Question asked by rguinot Employee on Sep 18, 2006
Hi ,

I tried to use the export tools , but i was never able to get the content dumped to bin files . Here are the diiferent commands i used , with variations between "[ ]" :

./ -user ******** -pwd ******** -s workspace://SpacesStore [-p /app:company_home] [-root] -d testExport/ [-packagedir testExport/] [-zip] -verbose Export-18092006_1200[.acp] .

Each time it says it completes successfully , but i only get an XML files , no subdirectories with dumped content . I do have cm:content tags in the resulting XML  . However i have this kind of error during the export process :

Exporting node workspace://SpacesStore/d5495c7f-4349-11db-930a-9de2c2a460a0
Warning: Skipped content for property {}content on node workspace://SpacesStore/d5495c7f-4349-11db-930a-9de2c2a460a0
Exporting node workspace://SpacesStore/7bf33a16-434a-11db-930a-9de2c2a460a0

I am using the 1.4 preview War Alfresco deployed into JBoss 4.0.4GA , with Jboss Portal 2.2.1 .The server is using Sun JDK 1.5.0_07 and is a Fedora Core 5 . Auth is done via OpenLDAP .

I would really like to use those tools …

PS : when i do a full export with the web client , and then a restore using restore-context.xml , it works perfectly , many there is a way to trigger backups that way ? Anyone knows how ?

Please help . Thanks …