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How to create a new metadata extractor - MAGE-ML tag

Question asked by sergio on Sep 18, 2006
Latest reply on Jun 5, 2008 by rgauss
Hi all.

I am going to use Alfresco for a bio-informatics project. We want to use the capabilities of Alfresco to store, manage and retrieve microarray data. In order to reach this goal we want to store MAGE-ML files - XML files - in which there are many tags we want to extract at run-time during the upload step. For each file we have to extract a set of tags and their corresponding values. The extracted metadata will be available for queries in the advanced search function.

The problem is: what is the best way to approach the problem?

I think to create some new java classes, just on the way of HtmlMetadataExtracter and others contained into the repo\content\metadata directory of the project. For example a class named that implements the extraction of some specific metadata.

Is this the correct way? What are the steps I have to do in order to create this kind of extension for Alfresco?

Any suggestions will be appreciated.