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OpenOffice service installation and usage thereof

Question asked by mruflin on Sep 18, 2006
Latest reply on Sep 21, 2006 by paulhh
I'm currently struggling through all the configuration and installation files of different Alfresco 1.3.x versions. One of the things I still can't put together is the OpenOffice service integration. I hope you can clarify some points

(I'm talking about Windows installation here)

As I understood, OO has to run all the time in order to listen to Alfresco requests. Now, in all editions of 1.3.x (community/enterprise) you start OO "Service" by executing the start_oo.bat file, which means soffice is started in User mode, which in turn means that it gets killed when the user logs off.

From others (not verified thought!) I heard that document information extraction still works when the user is logged out, which leaves me now somehow puzzled…

Does this mean that
a) Alfresco somehow restarts OO when it needs it (unlikely),
b) Alfresco doesn't use OO for most tasks (my guess),
c) Some other "magic" thing happens?

Not really believing in magic, I passed some time to install PortableOpenOffice.exe as a service. Everything works fine now, OO now survives user logoff's. But now I start to doubt whether I really have to start OO as a service or not… (Especially given that you call the start script in the enterprise edition "Start OpenOffice service")

Related to this question are some others (justifying this forum section ;-)):

- When exactly does Alfresco use the OpenOffice service?

- Where exactly is it bound to the rest of Alfresco? (I'm talking here about the SpringContext). Would it be possible to completely remove OO dependency? (Just curious, I'm a developer :-))

Thanks a lot,