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Groups created via bootstrap

Question asked by limarin on Sep 22, 2006
Latest reply on Sep 26, 2006 by andy
I have created spaces and users via bootstrap (Like in the example sampleUsers, spaces.xml and software_engineering_project.xml)

But, how do groups create via bootstrap?

I'm just looking at the bootstrap process and I was wondering how to create groups at this stage. In fact I can't figure out what is the node type for groups. I guess the groups should be defined in the alfrescoAuthorityStore.xml in
<sys:container view:childName="${alfresco_user_store.authorities_container.childname}"> 

I've looked in the userModel.xml
   <type name="usr:authorityContainer">
         <title>Alfresco Authority Type</title>
            <property name="usr:authorityName">
            <property name="usr:members">
            <child-association name="usr:member">
Could you confirm this and tell me what is the node type for the groups ? And can you show me an example?

Thanks for your help