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Editing document with weddav or CIFS

Question asked by unknown-user on Sep 22, 2006
Hi all,

Currently, I work on Alfresco 1.4 (Windows community version).

I tried to use direct editing in Alfresco environment (Understand : with webdav or CIFS) in order to integrate office tools in my document lifecycle management.

Here's my tests with a Word file:

?   With NTLM identification set to ON.
?   Web-client-config file state : <edit-link-type>webdav</edit-link-type>

-   Editing in IE : Word is launched as expected but an identification window is displayed (three times if I set my login/pwd and one time if I click ?cancel?). Finally, the file is opened and savable in Alfresco.
-   Editing in Firefox : Word is launched, the file is opened but in a temporary zone. So, it is not directly savable.

?   Web-client-config file state : <edit-link-type>cifs</edit-link-type>

-   Editing in IE : The file is opened in a word viewer (in IE), so it is not modifiable. At least, not with all functionalities.
-   Editing in Firefox : Two windows are displayed (: The first is expected (openfile window of firefox) but the second is not (openfile window of IE ????). The first one open Word with a good file location and the second one works like ?editing with IE?.

In short, each case have is own problem (major or minor). It is not usable for a standard user.

Did you note these problems? Do some issues exist?

Tanks for your help and ahve a good day.