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Accessing repository from another Alf. repository: grid tech

Question asked by sergio on Sep 25, 2006
Latest reply on Sep 28, 2006 by sergio
Hi all.

The poblem is: how to connect two instaces of Alfresco in order to make them communicating (to create a grid architecture)?

Let me explain better!

I have two instances of Alfresco 1.4 installed in two different servers. These two installations are used by two organizations for storing their documents. I have to share all the documents (only the metadata associated to documents) between these two installations in order to build a simple GRID structure. The final goal is to create a general registry that is the result of union of all the metadata of the two Alfresco repository. So, each organization could access the shared metadata repository to query all the available data. I was thinking about creating a third instance of Alfresco and installing it in another server, but I would like to have the repository A be able to communicate with repository B not directly but across a new repository, say C.

Is there anyone who can give me some useful details in order to build this kind of architecture?

What about a GRID architecture for the future of Alfresco?