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Can Alfresco integrate 50 similar websites into 1?

Question asked by |imy| on Sep 25, 2006

I am looking to integrate 50 customer websites which all share similar code and am in desperate need of an adequate solution. I have had a browse through some of the topics in this forum and as of yet I am to find a definitive answer.

The 50 websites all share similar layout and styling, however the query for each website relates to the relevant customer logging in. I am looking for a solution which will allow me to integrate the similarities of the code into 1 web based application which can then administer all 50. Currently, the smallest change in 1 website needs to be replicated across all 50.

Can Alfresco be customised to suite these requirements? If so, what would be a good topic to start to look at?

You help and insight into this would be highly appreciated and greatly regarded.

Webserver: Tomcat 5.x
Database: MS SQL Server

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