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(Bug?) LuceneIndexerImpl2.indexProperty() throws exception

Question asked by turgayz on Sep 27, 2006
Latest reply on Sep 28, 2006 by andy
I was trying to put a "Map" into a node property (See

I managed to put the Map into the node property, by marking the property as "not to be indexed, i.e. <index enabled="false" /> in the model definition file.

But then, when the "ftsIndexerTrigger" runs, it throws an exception at this line (Class LuceneIndexerImpl2):
for (String strValue : DefaultTypeConverter.INSTANCE.getCollection(String.class, value))

I tried to fix this by adding the following:
    return false;

after getting the "index" attribute:
index = propertyDef.isIndexed();

But, this is a temporary fix for us, please advise if this is in fact a bug and should be fixed by Alfresco, or if we need to make something on our client code to make the indexer job run correctly in such a case.