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(How) can I do this?

Question asked by czaveri on Sep 28, 2006
1) For every user I create, I want to:
  (a) associate the user with one of the 2 groups (Sender OR Receiver)
  (b) user associated with "Sender" group can only access his/her home space
  © the Sender user can upload only archives (zip, tar.gz, tgz, etc).
  (d) the Sender cannot create sub spaces in his directory
2) all uploaded archives must be decompressed automatically by Alfresco as soon as they are uploaded
3) a new sub-space is created in a space called "Something", for example.
4) this newly created sub space is named by Alfresco ECM
5) the name provided is a number
6) this number is an auto incrementing number and increases by one count everytime a new sub-space is created in "Something" (that is, a new number is generated for naming this sub-space).
7) the name of this folder is e-mailed to a specified e-mail address (owned by Receiver)
8) when the Receiver receives e-mail, he will checkout the new folder (the Receiver can access "Something" folder, but Sender cannot).
9) when he checks in the same folder, it is moved from Something/123 (where 123 is the name of the folder) to Finished/123.
10) also, an e-mail is sent to with the message that work for 123 is finished.