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Setting default metadata properties for a space

Question asked by marcus on Sep 29, 2006
Latest reply on May 21, 2007 by tyve
When I add a piece of content into a space, I'd like to be able to specialise its type then set some values for some of the properties, depending on which space the item's being placed in. I could script this with JS, but it'd be quite specific. Is there an action that lets you…

1. Select the type to provide default metadata for
2. For that type, supply the 'default' metadata to be used if another item is created in the space (in the background in an invisible folder could be used with a template document?)
3. the metadata application is hierarchical, so spaces lower down in the chain could have additional fields populated in addition to those from a parent higher up.

The first two points seem straight forward enough, the second seems like it could be a bit of an expensive lookup. Has anyone got something like this?