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Question asked by bparis on Sep 29, 2006
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I've been trying SDK 1.3 webservice clent samples on my pc and have seen that the webservice client always connect to my localhost alfresco  server, never to the remote server I've set in the file.  It's just like this file is never read.

As I read in the forum someones had similar problem with version 1.3 of Alfresco, I first changed the "web-service-client.jar" to the one included in sdk1.4, without any good news.

Then I have imported  the full sdk 1.4 in my Eclipse but I still get the same problem.  The webservice client only connect to the localhost.

Anyway, when running the code the property file is correctly copied from

Is this correct ? 

I even set crazy things like
and see the client keeps connecting to the localhost at port 8080.

Is there some additional things to set in Eclipse ?

Any help should be appreciated,