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Issue with combination checkin/versioning/pdf creation rule

Question asked by alexr on Sep 29, 2006
I am currently using Alfresco 1.4 Community Preview with an out of the box Tomcat/MySQL setup on Windows.

I have configure Alfresco to make all content versionable with the default setting of auto-versioning enabled.

Versioning in itself works fine (minor/major) versioning.

Then I create an Inbound rule on the specific folder space to copy and transform MS Word mime-type documents to PDF format in a subfolder called 'PDF' the generation on inbound works fine, however…

When I check-out the imported MS Word document a (working copy) of this document is created inside the same folder (by design) AND a (working copy) of the related PDF-document is generated inside the PDF sub folder space.

When I check-in the (working copy) of the native format (MS Word) the (working copy) of the PDF-document remains inside the PDF sub folder space. Is this still by design?

Then I checkout the same document and at check-in I get a message that there already is a (working copy) of the PDF document!!

I am confused  :?  how is this supposed to work?

Should the (working copy) be checked-in automatically at the same time I check-in the native format document and thus generating the same version for native and pdf-format?

How can I configure Alfresco to have a correct versioning mechanism and a corresponding correct PDF-generation mechanism??