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BUG? Disappearing Lucene index entries

Question asked by dbevacqua on Sep 29, 2006
Latest reply on Jan 8, 2007 by andy

I create a number of nodes of custom type cms:contact in one place in a repo, under an instance of a subtype of sys:container.

I then create a number of nodes of custom type cms:organisation (itself a subtype of sys:container) in another place in a repo. I create child associations between these nodes and some of the others, so I end up with something like:

- cms:contact1
- cms:contact2
- cms:contact3

- cms:organisation1
   - cms:contact1
- cms:organisation2
   - cms:contact2
- cms:organisation3
   - cms:contact3

Both Lucene search and JCR API confirm this structure. the NodeService confirms that the primary association of the cms:contacts is to cms:contacts, and their other associations are secondary. All is well.

Using NodeService.deleteNode() I then delete cms:organisations. The JCR api still says the contacts are there under cms:contacts, but Lucene says there is nothing there. If I get the node cms:contacts it still has 5 child associations according to the NodeService, and they are all primary.

So the entries appear to have been removed from the Lucene index.

What to do? Please help!