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Remote site replication

Question asked by lpmeunier on Sep 29, 2006
I have a need where I want to replicate content from remote alfresco sites to a central site, is that possible?
Basically I need to be able to view access and search, predefined types of content that was created on remote sites, from a central site.
I need each site to have their own repository and alfresco installations as well as their own security, and content, users etc…
This needs to be a one way replication from remote sites to a central site.

If it is possible, here are a couple more detailed questions:

Can I specify which types of content are to be synchronized?
Can I apply rules to incoming content from the remote sites?
What happens with the security?
What happens with the content that is updated on the remote sites, does it create new content on the central site when replicating or does it overwrite it?

What other options are available to me?

Thank you.