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Alfresco on Firebird DBMS *slightly faster*

Question asked by unknown-user on Sep 29, 2006
Latest reply on Apr 12, 2007 by kennethp

Some time ago I?ve been evaluating Alfresco

Since all other systems in our company use Firebird as a database back-end I?ve decided to move Alfresco to Firebird.

Here are the steps:

    * install FB2.0RC SS (Win32)
    * add JayBird jar to appropriate location
    * change connection string params in Alfresco xml configuration files
    * change Hibernate SQL dialect to FirebirdDialect in its properties files

That?s all. Hibernate creates all the required tables, etc.

Time required is about 30 min on a clean database (without porting existing records).

FB1.x cannot be used because of index size limits - it cannot handle
char-enocded GUIDs (a pair of them in one index) if the database is UTF8.

A for performance, I cannot say for sure, because we?ve just evaluated a product without heavy load. But at the first glance FB is slightly faster.

Maxim.  :D  :D