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Production vs. Delivery

Question asked by codesmoker on Sep 30, 2006
I'm currently in the process of researching various vendor solutions for my organization and was wondering how cleanly Alfresco seperated content production/publishing from the delivery of Content.

More specifically, we don't want to invest in a new front end - we are currently using a particular application server and replacing that technology and all of the associated code is out of scope.  We do recognize that we will have to refactor how the front end "retrieves" the content from the data store (hopefully Web Services / REST).

However, we are looking to refine how our editors and producers capture, categorize, associate and publish content as our homegrown tools have grown rather un-wieldy.

Our central platform supports many multimedia (streaming video) sites including international units as well as typical article content.  No need for document management or the archania usually associated with ECM.