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Question asked by acmewar on Oct 2, 2006
Latest reply on Oct 2, 2006 by davidc

I am currently trying to do the following :

1- Users have documents that need approval
2- Administrators Accept or Reject the document

The first implementation I tried on Alfresco was unsuccessful :
1- Creating subspace in the user's home
2- Creating a rule 'Simple Workflow' with "Ask for approval" that move the file into the administrator's 'pending approval' space
3- The 'pending approval' space has a rule 'Simple Workflow' with 'Accept file' then move it into an Archive space or 'Reject' that moves the file into a 'Rejected space'

The problems are the following :
If the file is rejected, it should send a mail to the user and move that file to the user's rejected space .. but there are many users ..

The problem could have been simple if a file could be 'filed' into many spaces and not just copied or moved !

The second implementation uses the same user's subspace but the administrators have to do a search to find those categorized files !
this works fine but it's not really user friendly, we tried to create a custom space that would have done the search and displayed it .. but too many specific development ..

Do you know a simple solution to answer that problem ?