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Alfresco JSR 168 portlet deployed in uPortal 2.5.3

Question asked by lfuller on Oct 2, 2006
Latest reply on Oct 18, 2006 by paulhh
With some very small modifications to the alfresco war (none code related) I've been able to successfully deploy the Alfresco portlet into uPortal 2.5.3.  In most respects it appears to run very nicely, however I'm experiencing one problem that I hope is simply a configuration error on my part.
I'm able to log into Alfresco as an admin, and add content. If I add content to the guest user, then I'm able to also download the content from Alfresco. Unfortunately, if I attempt to download content that has been added to the admin user, I am presented with an Alfresco login page. If I input the admin user and password, then I'm presented with an Alfresco login page again… and no content is pulled down.

any help would be greatly appreciated.