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Enterprise Report Services for Alfresco 1.0 Preview Released

Question asked by turgayz on Oct 4, 2006
Latest reply on Oct 8, 2012 by gaurav_shirbhate
You can install and run the 1.0 Preview release of the "Enterprise Report Services for Alfresco" from the forge at

There is also a demo server running on You can connect with user demo, password demo. There are some report definition files just under the Company Home space, which you can try to run reports. You can use the space called demoSpace for trial.

With the Enterprise Report Services for Alfresco, users can share report templates, can create report spaces to publish reports depending on the chosen report templates at scheduled times. The extension automatically detects run time report parameters, if it is needed, user can overwrite parameters.

At the moment The Enterprise Report Services for Alfresco supports only BIRT templates, but in the subsequent revisions we plan to support Jasper Reports and other reporting engines as well.
Report output formats can be "html" or "pdf". But we are working on OpenOffice (odf) support. We hope that we will put these on the following revisions.

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