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How to fill custom prop with DocId like unique identifier?

Question asked by alexr on Oct 5, 2006
Latest reply on Jun 20, 2013 by codemanat
We are in the process of migrating from Stellent/Intradoc to Alfresco.
One of the features of Intradoc is having a simple document Id as a read-only field that will be used by end-users to refer to in business communications (email, other documents etc.).
The DocId has the following format: AA006001, AA006002 etc. Since it's an simple number to communicate and not a cryptic number like for instance a Documentum Document Id starting with 09…….. etc.
I know a unique record identifier is something that is touched upon by record management, but I am only looking for this specific feature.

Then I came across the Action "Increment Counter"  as a create rule feature.

What counter is this and can it be read/manipulated from within a JavaScript.

The node-id of documents is quite cryptic, so I can't see how I can convert this to a simple but Unique doc identifier.  Haven't found a JavaScript method to retrieve node-id's.

I have to be sure that there is a automatic mechanism that generates a unique number each time content is added (either through a rule or otherwise).

What would be the simplest approach? I want to keep things as default and simple as possible. At the moment there is no need for implementing a Records Management solution.

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