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Add Content Dialog (question for gavinc:-))

Question asked by soeursourire on Oct 5, 2006
Latest reply on Oct 5, 2006 by soeursourire

I am trying to use your AddContentDialog class to add content from my form jsp page but I did some tests and have problem here is my issue:

-          I have a class EF_JSPWizard that manages my beans to launch a processus (succession of jsp pages with ok buttons)

-          I have a copy of the class AddContentDialog

-          I added a button ?Add content? in one of my jsp pages

-          I call the start method of AddContentDialog when pushing this button

o        <h:commandButton value="#{msg.add_content}" id="start-button" action="#{EF_JSP_AddContentDialog.start}" styleClass="okButton" disabled="false" />

-          This start method returns the link to the ?add content? jsp page

-          When the content is uploaded I call the finish method of AddContentDialog

o        <h:commandButton id="finish-button" styleClass="wizardButton"



                                                        disabled="#{EF_JSP_AddContentDialog.finishButtonDisabled}" />

-          This finish method returns the current step of EF_JSPWizard (I put a service EF_JSPWizard as managed-property in the manage-bean of AddContentDialog

-          But then in my finish method I checked and the outcome is my current step but then it returns to the browser!

-          If I decide to call the method start() with an ActionEvent can I come back to my current step without conflicts with the ActionEvent of EF_JSPWizard? Is it possible to call an ActionEvent inside another ActionEvent?