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[1.4 RC] problem with LDAP configuration

Question asked by ribz33 on Oct 5, 2006
Latest reply on Oct 9, 2006 by ribz33

My ldap configuration was working on 1.4 preview.

I'm testing 1.4RC

I have problem with home folder !

If i try to connect with imported user i have an error.
If i disable LDAP import, and connect with admin, i see in admin console my imported user but he has NO home space !
And if i want to edit this user i have an error !

Is it a bug with new version ?

Do i need to change something on this :
                <!– Always use the default –>
                <entry key="cm:homeFolderProvider">
        <!– Set a default home folder provider –>
        <!– Defaults only apply for values above –>
        <property name="attributeDefaults">
                <entry key="cm:homeFolderProvider">

Thx in advance :D