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Customising The Browse Page

Question asked by limarin on Oct 5, 2006
Latest reply on Oct 6, 2006 by gavinc

I see and understand the document example "Customising The Login Page".

I need customising the Browse page.

1. I add the following to the top of my browse.jsp
<f:loadBundle basename="alfresco.extension.webclient" var="customMsg"/>
… and I do my modifications

2. I create a file in the alfresco.extension package and save it with the following contents.

3. I create a web-client-config-custom.xml

4. I create a file named faces-config.xml

but…. Also it is necessary to modify the file index.jsp

response.sendRedirect(request.getContextPath() + "/faces/jsp/extension/browse/browse.jsp");

How is the customization of the file index.jsp done?

And the file web.xml?