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Creation date

Question asked by dschmalz on Oct 6, 2006
Latest reply on Mar 20, 2008 by rjackson

When importing a lot of documents in Alfresco, it may be desirable to read the "creation date" property from the file metadata. A concrete example is the MS Office files that contain this information. The corresponding metadata extracter does the parsing but it seems that the "auditable" aspect is added at a lower layer and does not use the parsed information.

It would be rather simple to modify the AddContentWizard in the Web Client but there are at least two reasons for not doing it:

1) Other access types (WebDAV, CIFS, FTP) would not perform the parsing (or the code has to be duplicated around)
2) The lower layer that adds the "auditable" aspect is probably overwriting any previously set values

In the end, since the "creation date" is protected no further change is possible. It is also possible to define a custom type that re-defines a second creation date but this is probably not good either. One should use the embedded information.

What would be the best approach to implement this, and does it make sense?